GONE examines two lovers going separate ways, not knowing when or if their paths will ever cross again. 
Can a relationship stand the test of time, separation, traveling back and forth, coming and going, visiting and leaving? Only those will know that have gone the distance.

35mm 4-Perf 2x Ana, Kodak Vis3

Editor: Nikolaus Kohler
Colorist: Zé Maria Abreu Santos
Cast: Marlina Mitterhofer, Conrad Ahrens
Sound Design, Score, Mix: Julian Lindemann, Romain Kuhn
1.AD: Linda-Schiwa Klinkhammer
1.AC: Sebastian Grundt
Gaffer: Felix Press
HFF Munich: Daniel Lang, Julia Daschner
Technical Support: ARRI Rental München
Director & DOP: Moritz Dehler

Special Thanks:
ARRI Rental
Yannik Carstensen
Boris Levine
Max Scherer
Melissa Byrne
An Nguyen